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International Cooperation:

The History Department and the Fujian Social Science Research Institute in China have agreed to scholastic exchange and cooperation. At present the History Department is actively pursuing further interaction with the European and American scholastic community.
Regular academic exchanges already occur between professors and scholars from Japan and the Cheng Kung History Department. In addition to periodic lectures and discussions, this exchange also promotes the substantive cooperation and provides an opportunity for the genesis of joint research projects. Currently, efforts are being made to the invite other important overseas scholars as guest lecturers.
There is the impetus for professors to go abroad to give lectures and to attend academic conferences.
Domestic and Local Cooperation:

Cooperate with various local universities and academic organizations to promote a division of labor within the field of domestic scholastic research.
Invite important local scholars to present lectures hold concurrent teaching jobs or conduct academic activities.
Since the History Department is situated in the prefecture city of Tainan, it is hoped that further cooperation with the Tainan municipal government, the National Museum of Taiwan Literature, various religious groups and literary and history workers can compile a local chronicle or carries out a thorough investigation of farms and oral history to establish a southern base for Taiwanese studies.
The History Department Integrated Model of Research:

Taiwanese history sits at the center of the History Department’s research. Research is being conducted into the history Taiwanese literature, art, stele text, earthenware and the history of early foreign relations in the hope integrating research into a Taiwanese culture research group.
In terms of religious history, the History Department hopes to unite research in Buddhist history of the Sui and Tang dynasties and the Ming and Qing dynasties, as well as Taoist history, history of the Rome Christian church, and the history of Christianity in Taiwan into a religious history research group.
The history of the Ming and Qing dynasties including political history of the Ming dynasty, history of overseas trade during the Ming and Qing dynasties, socioeconomic history of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, and the history of cultural life during the Ming and Qing dynasties is being coordinated into the Ming and Qing dynasty research group.
It is the ambition of the History Department to organize research into Western history including Greek and Rome history, historiography, American history, German history, British history, and the history of science into the Western culture research group.