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Scholastic Research

The History Department regularly holds scholastic activities including, “history lectures,” “special topic lectures,” and the “Zhen-zhi lectures.” “History lectures” are conducted by historical experts invited by the history department to present lectures related to the presentation of historical theory or the development of historical studies. These lectures are designed to increase students' fundamental historical knowledge. Scholars specializing in diverse areas of historical research are invited for “special topic lectures.” These lectures are held periodically to supplement students’ self-directed research and to expand students understanding of research achievement. The “Zhen-zhi lectures” were established to commemorate Professor Wu Zhen-zhi and are carried out regularly to provide instructors and students with the opportunity to present their research and receive constructive feed-back. Whether instructors are publicizing the results of their research or students are sharing their research articles, these lectures promote instructor-student interaction.
The academic periodical “Cheng Kung University Department of History Historical Journal,” which publishes the results of instructors' research, already has more than 30 years of history. In addition, the graduate students’ publication “History Tassel” and the university students’ publication “History,” provide students with a public arena to publish the findings of their research. At the same time, through academic exchange between domestic and foreign universities, this research can receive international attention from the greater historical academic community. To encourage student attendance at seminars and academic conferences, the History Department provides moderate subsidizes. Over the years, applications by the History Department to the Ministry of Education Advisory Office “humanities and social sciences resource center plan” and instructor attendance at academic seminar and scholastic research activities have all enjoyed fruitful results.