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Learning Environment

The library's total collection of documents is extremely plentiful: Chinese documents number almost 600,000 volumes, and Western, Japanese, and Korean documents number in excess of 400,000 volumes. Currently, there are more than 80,000 different Chinese periodicals, and approximately 250,000 foreign language periodicals. In addition, the library has extensive map, book, microfiche, videotape, and DVD resources which are continually being updated and expanded every year.

Teaching Equipment
The History Department has nine classrooms and each is equipped with a computer and audio-visual equipment. In addition, there are 27 research offices for the teaching staff. The Computer Lab contains ten computers with the latest software installed, all connected to a printer, a scanner, and the Internet to provide students with the resources to search for and download the most recent research and information. Each classroom has a large-scale color projector and silver screen installed to enable audio and video playback. In addition, other audio-visual equipment at the teachers’ and students’ disposal is DVDs and digital video cameras all to improve and promote a higher quality of teaching. The National Cheng Kung University Museum of History collects Taiwanese cultural relics, holds the regular exhibits, and provides students with the opportunity to participate and gain practical experience.