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Call for Papers

Cheng Kung Journal of Historical Studies
Special Issue: The “More-Than-Human Histories”

In recent years, various crises facing the planet earth as well as post-humanist thoughts have posed great challenges to the historical discipline; calling for the re-examination of its epistemology, methodology, scope of examination, as well as ethical commitment. Previously neglected actors in history: technologies, materials, animals, plants, the environment, have all increasingly been seen as possessing agencies that have co- constituted our more-than-human worlds; playing critical roles in the development of societies and civilizations. This “non-human turn” in history has greatly impacted various fields in history, especially the history of science, the history of medicine, material history, environmental history and animal history as it urged historians to move beyond an anthropocentric understanding of the past. In this special issue, we hope to respond to this non-human turn in history and work together to explore our “more-than- human” past. We welcome papers that fall into the above-mentioned fields and respond to this pressing call for a more inclusive understanding of the past that is more than only human histories.

We welcome papers that fall into the following areas:
1.History of technologies
2.History of medicine
3.Material history
4.Environmental history
5.History of animals / animal ethics
6.Historical theories on the non-human turn Deadline for paper submission: 30 June 2024

Author guidelines:

Contact: hisbook@ncku.edu.tw

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